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Welcome to La Pêche Fraîche!
I’m Rachel, and this is my sugar- and complaint-sodden food blog, started in May 2012.

La Pêche Fraîche is devoted to foodmost importantly, all things sweet.

You’ll find an array of recipes here, ranging from towering layer cakes to intricate pastries and molecular gastronomy.
You’ll find pictures of food, cats, my dog, and flowers, ranging from point-and-shoot with low lighting and terrible coloring in the good ol’ days to my more modern attempts at full food styling.
You’ll find me whining about my life, and sharing tidbits of writing, ranging from flowery poetry to philosophical prose.

Since you’re feeling nosy (how else would you have gotten to this page?!):

Why La Pêche Fraîche?
La Pêche Fraîche means “The Fresh Peach” in French, the language which I’ve been studying for six years.  If I were forced to choose a favorite fruit (though I would have to be hard-pressed), it would inevitably be the peach.
Soft and slightly fuzzy, with luxuriously juicy and sweet flesh, peaches epitomize summer and sweet memories for me.  I love their aroma, their soft exterior, their mouth-feel, and, most of all, their taste.
There’s nothing quite like a perfectly ripe peach.
Pêche is also one of my favorite French words (nerd alert), rivaled only by pistache.
La Pistache Fraîche wouldn’t exactly have the same ring to it, however.

Why sweets?
I am both a scientist and an artist at heart, and desserts allow me to satisfy both sides of myself.  I love the precision and the detail of each cake or pastry; I adore complicated recipes and fussy techniques.
I thrive on challenging myself to go further, to perfect something until I can do no more.
My brain (and my Pinterest and instagram…) is constantly filled with dreams of dessert.
It all started in 2001, when my parents bought me an Easybake oven (big mistake).
I’ve been in a torrid love affair with sweets ever since.

Stay awhile and share in my confessions of confection.
I’ll try not to bore you.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Rachel,
    I loved having your dad here. I am so glad that he shared your blog with me. It is beautiful, entertaining and so well-written. Your dad is so proud of you as he should be. I look forward to following you and seeing all of your lovely ideas.

    Aunt Anna

    • Aunt Anna,
      Thank you for your kind words!! My dad said he had a great time visiting you guys… Clear indication that I’ll have to come down with him sometime soon! It’s been far too long.

  2. Hi Rachel.
    I absolutely love your site. The baking is so creative I can hardly wait to see what you are going to post next. I have tried the financiers which turned out incredible and my husband just loved them. He says I am an amazing baker. :) I also made your peanut butter cup cakes which are to die for. I don’t know what to try next but I intend to try everything you posted. The pictures and the poetry….. exquisite . Well done. I am your true fan.

    • Brooklin– that’s about the nicest thing anyone has every told me! I’m so glad you liked the financiers and PB cupcakes, and I’m very grateful to have you as a fan! :D Xx

  3. Hi Rachel,
    As a 13 year old cooker, reader, photographer, and writer, I adore your blog. I was brought through brit.co to your pavlova recipe and connected immediately when you mentioned being a “weird” child reading Martha Stewart: I regularly read Martha Stewart Living and I constantly bother my mom with my (sometimes successful, sometimes failing) cooking endeavors. As a photographer, I find your snapshots of food gorgeous and as a writer, I find your prose and poetry alike beautiful. I’m so glad to have found such an awesome blog run by such an awesome person. I hope to try your recipes soon!
    xx Lily

    • Lily, I’m so glad that you found me! It’s so wonderful to hear of young aspiring foodies and chefs. It sounds like we have a lot in common– I hope you continue to pursue your loves of food, photography, and writing. Let me know if you try any of my recipes, I’d love to hear how they go!

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