The Key Of Life

An Invitation
I will meet you
where the rocks turn green
and slick,
lapped by cool water and rain.
Where the tree branches are lace
against an endless sky-
I will meet you not
where two diverge,
but join.
We will walk
where the smell of
old fallen trees
perfumes the air
and the proud calls
of little birds
tangle in our hair,
in our minds.
Where raindrops run unimpeded
to rivers wide and deep.
Where mist rolls thick
 and cotton-soft,
snakelike around our ankles
early in the mornings.
I will meet you where the sun rises
and leave you where it sets.

These are some snapshots of my recent days.  
Some come from the market: our farmer’s market is flourishing with life.
Others come from my home or from the lake.
I am so grateful for summer.
Yesterday, I had a horrible accident with my immersion blender.
I will spare you the gory details, but it involved stitches and lots and lots of blood.
I will be out a hand for a few days.
Nevertheless, I have a very exciting post to come tomorrow or the next day.
Also, expect many ice creams to follow in the next few weeks.  
It is so hot.
For now, I hope you enjoy these photographs.
They are a small window of my life outside the kitchen.
Gros bisous!

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